Job costing

Job costing

Project Tracking and Costing

In today’s competitive market, with profit margins getting tighter, VensureHR Select’s Project Tracking and Costing, is an essential management tool for keeping a close eye on job profitability. 

VensureHR Select’s Project Tracking and Costing module supports the pivotal role that projects play in your organization by automatically turning multi-level project timesheets into pay cheques, billing requests and General Ledger transactions in even the most demanding project environments. You’ll know exactly how profitable every project is by tracking labour costs to unprecedented levels of accuracy. You’ll also be able to stay on top of actual costs against budgets and identify cost overruns before they become problems. Burden percentage estimates will become unnecessary, since burdens are automatically pro-rated and then allocated to multiple general ledger accounts with down-to-the-penny accuracy. 

With centralized, real-time access to detailed cost information, your project and operations managers will be empowered to monitor project performance in a way that optimizes productivity, while your financial administrators track the total cost of running the business. 

Powerful management reporting, detailed accounting capabilities, flexibility, and control best describe VensureHR Select’s Project Tracking and Costing module. The system recognizes variable time rates, shifts, machines, cost centres, departments, and discrete operations. 

The information provided supports you through the full project management lifecycle with a single, accurate view of all project-related activities. You can choose the right projects, assign the right resources, proactively streamline execution, and monitor profitability via accurate billing, forecasting, and budgeting. 


  • User-defined project components 
  • Multiple cost segments 
  • Detailed project definition 
  • Work-in-progress tracking 
  • Team composition 
  • Default cost parameters 
  • Project accounting 
  • Comprehensive project information 
  • Detailed project history 
  • Integrate with shop floor or attendance systems 
  • Data export to external systems 
  • Billing support 
  • Advanced reporting 


  • Increase project control
  • Stay on top of projects and profitability
  • Improve workflow between accounting and operations
  • Automate complex costing processes
  • Sharpen your costing accuracy
  • Increase client satisfaction 

Our goal is to meet 100% of your requirements, and make your reliance on spreadsheets, calculators, and disjointed systems a thing of the past. 

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