Our consultative approach

Our consultative approach

Our consultative approach

Take advantage of our associates’ extensive workforce management experience. VensureHR’s services go beyond the production of company payrolls. In fact, we can advise you on the entire workforce management cycle, from time collection to financial reporting.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

Time collection: electronic time sheets, punch clock systems and software, biometrics, piecework recording, point of sale systems, and the simple transmission of hours worked by phone, web portal or email.

Our experts will listen to your needs and provide knowledgeable, unbiased advice on how to make the most responsive, cost-effective decisions regarding the collection of employee time.

Payroll:  VensureHR can guide you through this analysis by discussing with you the various factors that can influence this decision: the number of employees/pay periods, your payroll staff (the number of people, level of payroll competency, level of involvement desired in the payroll process), pay frequency, payroll complexity and budgetary constraints.

Project Tracking and Costing: VensureHR’s associates have years of real-world experience in tracking the all important cost of labour. We can also show you innovative ways of automating traditionally time-consuming wage calculations based on union rules and/or shifting cost centres.

Human Resources: Not sure what you need insofar as HR information is concerned? VensureHR’s associates can assist you in analyzing your requirements and advise you as to the merits of moving to a robust and paperless employee information system.

Post-Payroll: At VensureHR, we value an integrated approach to workforce management. We can provide you with a totally seamless solution, from time collection to post-payroll compliance and data transfer to your financial system. Our technical team will advise you on hardware, networking and connectivity, data migration and system integration.

Call us today, and benefit from working with a team that never loses sight of the most important component of our business: your employees.

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