Payroll processing

Payroll processing


VensureHR Canadian Payroll Services enables administrators with complex payroll requirements to benefit from a “best of both worlds” business solution. By outfitting you with the VensureHR Payroll Preparation module we enable your company to take control of all the time-consuming tasks that lead up to employee payment. At the same time, we handle all the tedious tasks related to paying employees and employee benefits so that your payroll administrator can be more efficient.

VensureHR Select allows you to process your payroll exactly the way you’d like. Your payroll administration team benefits from a state-of-the-art business payroll system that is available with low-cost licensing and setup fees. After the initial installation, your provider fees are transactional. VensureHR Online Payroll System is a competitive and cost-effective way to handle this all-important aspect of your business payroll.

Benefits of our payroll services

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Save money
  • Access your data anytime
  • Count on our team
  • Cut down on paper
  • Comply with government requirements
  • Reduce the number of payroll-related employee queries

Features of our business payroll solutions

  • Cost savings with advanced tax configuration
  • National reach
  • National and provincial payroll compliance
  • Records of Employment
  • Tax updates
  • Year-end tax forms
  • Historical views
  • Flexible reporting

With the VensureHR Select solution, you maintain control. You can run off-cycle pays, generate retroactive pays, and view and adjust the net pay before it’s issued. A wide range of reports are produced in the way and on the timelines that suit you. It’s all handled in a system that is easy to implement, learn, and use.

Simple Online Payroll Software to Calculate Employee Pay

As your outsourced payroll provider, we take care of employee payments by producing cheques or direct deposits into multiple bank accounts. Through our payroll service, we issue employee pay stubs or earning statements, pay your Deductions at Source, generate Records of Employment, and produce year end Canadian payroll tax forms – all accurate, all on time, all with ease.

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