Employer Services for Retail

VensureHR’s solutions are ideal for companies in the retail sector, where challenges include seasonal variations, complex scheduling requirements, multiple payment types, and movement of employees between retail outlets. Our solutions are suitable for small and mid-size operations, regardless of location. 

We can offer you a completely streamlined system – from a solution integrating the collection of time and commissions via a PointofSale system to any other type of time recording that suits your company size and technical infrastructure. 

And if your stores act as cost centers, we enable you to track labour costs to the store level and report them to the GL module of your financial application. 

Does your company experience the high turnover often found in the retail sector? With VensureHR, group terminations can easily be handled – at any time during the payroll cycle. Information on terminated employees is also maintained – as the need arises, rehiring is a snap! 

What’s more, with our accurate and sophisticated payroll processing module, your employees’ pay can be comprised of various components (hours, commission, vacation, etc.) yet paid in a single payment – all taxed properly and explained clearly in a comprehensive, easy to read earning statement. 

In addition, our Human Resources solution helps companies to effectively consolidate and manage a vast range of company and employee information such as pay scales, position profiles, skills, permits, company assets, awards, education and training, health and safety and more. 

Our goal is to meet 100% of your requirements, and make your reliance on spreadsheets, calculators and disjointed systems a thing of the past. 

For more information on VensureHR’s Payroll for the Retail industry, contact us. 

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