Time entry and approval

Time entry and approval

Time Entry and Approval Overview

VensureHR Select’s Online Employee Domain web portal and other electronic Time Entry and Approval options give employees, supervisors, and data entry clerks a quick and easy way to enter, collect, and approve timesheet data.

You’ll also avoid frustrating and costly errors, since supervisors and payroll administrators will never again need to re-enter printed timesheets, keep track of email requests, or search for random slips of paper. In fact, no one needs to remember to collect or interpret employee timesheet details, since employees can use our electronic time collection devices or enter their hours into the system – from anywhere, any time. 

With VensureHR Select’s Timesheet Entry and Approval module, you will cut down the approval process to just minutes by providing project managers and supervisors with instant access to timesheets, reimbursement requests, and time bank withdrawals for their entire team. 

VensureHR Select’s Timesheet Entry  and Approval helps avoid the redundancy of data re-entry to other systems for costing, manufacturing, billing or accounting. This versatile tool lets you collect more than just time information by defining as many time banks and accruals as fits your business needs, and enables employees to view their accrual balances themselves. As management, you decide who has access and who has control. 

You can also define any number of job codes, cost centers or other project-related parameters that tell you not only how much employees worked but also what they did in great detail. This timesheet information translates directly into labour allocations that flow straight into the VensureHR Select’s Payroll and Project Costing modules and can then be reported further into your general ledger. With just a few mouse clicks, your timesheet data is automatically turned into pay records, project reports, and general ledger or billing transactions. Entering and managing employee time has never been easier! 


  • Simple, convenient timesheet entry 
  • Delegated approvals 
  • Instant accrual updates 
  • Accurate Labour Distribution 
  • Import time entries from external sources 
  • Complete integration with Payroll and Project Costing 
  • Detailed accrual transaction reports 
  • Data entry notes 
  • Historical views 
  • Billing interface 
  • Flexible reporting 


  • Spend less time on administrative tasks 
  • Speed up the entry and approval process 
  • Increase the accuracy of payroll processing 
  • Easily track costs and labour allocations 
  • Simplify reporting for time and expense approvals 
  • Reduce the number of queries related to accrual balances 

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