Time Entry – More Features

Time Entry – More Features


Simple, convenient timesheet entry:

VensureHR Select’s Time Entry and Approval module’s intuitive and easily configurable interface makes it simple for employees to enter information from any workstation with an Intranet/Internet connection.

Delegated approvals:

Supervisors can designate delegates to replace and/or assist them with employee timesheets.

Instant accrual updates:

Users can view their accrual bank balances at all times and obtain an instant update whenever changes occur. The timesheet automatically calculates necessary accrual adjustments based on your company rules – no matter how complex they are.

Accurate Labour Distribution:

Record hours and expenses according to job, location, department, cost centre, customer or any other pre-defined parameter. This data is automatically available to VensureHR Select’s and Project Costing modules to accurately allocate labour costs. It can also easily be exported to external financial, ERP and costing systems for other purposes including billing and integrated job costing.

Import time entries from external sources:

You can easily import time entries from external sources including point-of-sale systems, time clocks, or spreadsheets directly into the timesheet interface. The time entries are further processed in the payroll module to automatically determine the correct pay rate, to make accrual adjustments, etc. as per your specific policies and rules. You also get to review the time entries in an easy-to-understand calendar-based view to help you confirm and approve regular hours and exceptions.

Complete integration with Payroll and Project Costing:

Timesheet data flows directly into VensureHR Select’s and Project Costing modules. These integration points eliminate the need for tedious re-entry of your timesheet data into other systems and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Detailed accrual transaction reports:

Quickly and easily generate reports listing all accrual withdrawals, with transaction dates, for the previous and current year.

Data entry notes:

Each entry can be annotated with comments and explanations for internal use and to support the billing process.

Historical views:

Scroll backward or forward in time to view any pay period as defined in your payroll calendar.

Billing interface:

Export billable hours (by day, costing parameter, client, etc.) to the Accounts Receivable module of your financial application.

Flexible reporting:

Timecards and Data Entry reports can be previewed, printed, emailed or exported to a variety of formats. Included are detail and summary reports such as Employee Timecards, Absentee Reports, and Accrual Status.


Spend less time on administrative tasks:

Provide employees and managers with direct access to centralized electronic timesheets and save countless hours of mundane manual entry from printed time cards.

Speed up the entry and approval process:

Employees and supervisors have convenient access to timesheet and expense data through the company Intranet or an Internet connection. This improves communication and speeds up the approval process.

Increase the accuracy of payroll processing:

Avoid re-entering timesheet data into your payroll software and reduce the chance of introducing errors into your payroll.

Easily track costs and labour allocations:

Configure the timesheet so that employees can easily record hours at any level of detail including job codes, activities, sites and cost centres to describe exactly what they did on any given day. Each entry can even be accompanied by a descriptive note for further clarification. Now you have all the data you need to allocate labour costs, issue payments, and submit billing requests for even the most demanding projects.

Simplify reporting for time and expense approvals:

Automatically capture time and expenses for easy approval and reimbursement reporting. Supervisors can quickly approve employee submissions and can even generate detailed reports to support signature-based approval processes.

Reduce the number of queries related to accrual balances:

Employees can request and execute withdrawals directly through the timesheet and immediately see the updated status of their time banks – no more need to ask about accrual balances.

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