Property Management

Property Management

Employer Services for Property Management Firms

VensureHR’s solutions are used daily by property management companies of varying types and sizes all across Canada.

We handle any and all particularities found in this industry – from a construction sector within the company (including Quebec CCQ), to commission employees and electronic solutions for capturing and reporting employee time and payments.

Our system’s advanced job costing capabilities give you the exact cost of labour (direct and indirect) by multiple cost segments – site, job, property, company, task, etc.

Do you have a complex GL structure to account for all those cost segments? We can handle that too, and link with the GL module of your financials or budgeting systems for post pay reporting.

VensureHR’s ability to provide organizations with inter-company billing functionality is especially appreciated in the real estate sector.

You can change business numbers and/or CSST/WCB assignments on the fly, track a wealth of employee information, and automate 100% of your workforce management processes, all within the VensureHR Select solution for the property management sector.

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