Payroll Processing – Additional Information

Payroll Processing – Additional Information


Flexible pay items:

Shape the payroll so that it truly reflects your unique situation through unlimited configurable pay items, including earnings, accruals, benefits, time banks, expenses, reimbursements, and deductions with flexible rate and eligibility control.

Complete process control:

View the net pay before it‘s issued, easily make corrections, receive alerts for employees excluded from a payroll run, and enter manual adjustments.

Robust payroll calculation engine:

Implement your specific payroll policies with configurable calculation rules, minimums, maximums, ceilings, and more.

Automatic rate resolution:

VensureHR’s payroll engine automatically applies the correct wages, billable amounts or piecework rates, based on any number of user-defined variables. This powerful feature ensures that pay rates are accurately and consistently applied and eliminates the need for calculators, spreadsheets, and lookup tables.

Benefits administration:

Define unlimited benefits plans and packages, with program eligibility and automatic calculation of rates and amounts.

Advanced accruals management:

Stay on top of accrual balances for sick banks, personal time, overtime, banked leave, and vacation allowances with automatic real-time adjustments and on-screen display of balances.

Link with external systems:

Import attendance data from time clocks and attendance systems, point-of-sale software, electronic timesheets, predefined schedules, or spreadsheets. On the other end, export to external financial, ERP, and costing systems for labour allocations, billing, and integrated job costing.

Multiple schedules and calendars:

Define multiple pay, holiday, and absence calendars with user configurable eligibility rules, and schedule work by groups, departments, and employees, with provisions for individual exceptions.

Detailed user profiles and preferences:

Bilingual (English and French) menus, reports, and documentation, according to user preference. Configurable security and audit reports: user access to information can be limited by company, employee groups, and/or menu items.

Historical views:

Scroll backward or forward in time to view detailed transactions in any pay period as defined in the payroll calendar. Keep pay raises and employment status changes for as long as you want for analysis and comparison.

Flexible reporting:

Preview, print, email or export reports to a variety of formats.


Increase productivity:

By eliminating routine, time-consuming transactions, your payroll staff will be free to focus on higher priorities.

Implement your unique pay policies:

Set up an unlimited number of pay items, deductions, benefits, and accruals that truly reflect your unique payroll situation.

Enhance employee satisfaction:

Generate more accurate pays with fewer reworks and provide quick responses to employee questions regarding personal, financial or payroll information.

Eliminate net pay guesswork:

View your net pay before it’s actually paid. With complete control over the payroll preparation stage, you are able to verify amounts, make corrections, and regenerate totals before submitting them for payment.

Effectively manage complexities:

Take advantage of VensureHR’s powerful payroll engine and automate the handling of difficult employee management issues such as variable pay rates, group insurance, time/dollar banks, multi-regional workforces, and unionized payrolls with specific collective agreements.

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